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Beware of Dangerous Fakes

"Unlike purchasing a ‘knock off' wrist watch or designer handbag, purchasing a counterfeit chainsaw is playing Russian roulette with your own and other's safety – it's not a risk worth taking," says STIHL New Zealand Managing Director Jim Bibby.

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Sharpening Template for Brush Knife

Please make certain that the correct, approved guard for the cutting attachment is installed. For the correct guard and proper installation, please consult the Instruction Manual.

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Sharpen A Chain

Need some assistance in keeping your chain sharpened

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How to care for your chain

You can prevent damage to the chain and the chainsaw only by inspecting your chain regularly. The following list shows some typical cases of damage to the chain which can occur to the chain if its not tensioned correctly.

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Starting a STIHL chainsaw

You can ask for assistance before leaving your local Stihl Shop or 

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Prepare your STIHL Product for Storage

Thanks to their sophisticated technology and sturdy construction, STIHL chainsaws require very little care and maintenance. During the season, this is likely to be confined to checking the cutting regularly and possibly sharpening the metal cutting tools. 

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Brushcutter Safety Manual

Click below to access the Brushcutter Safety manual

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The correct technique to tension a Chainsaw Chain.

Tensioning the chain regularly not only enhances the safety of the operator, but also reduces the amount of chain wear and damage. The chain tension should be checked before starting work and corrected if necessary.

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