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Storing your Equipment

How to care for and store your equipment so that it's always "ready for action"

Thanks to their sophisticated technology and sturdy construction, STIHL chainsaws require very little care and maintenance. During the season, this is likely to be confined to checking the cutting regularly and possibly sharpening the metal cutting tools. 
Only if you plan to "mothball" your lawn trimmer or brushcutter for a longer period - say during the winter months - should you pay a little more attention to the topic of "care". This will ensure that your equipment, when required again, will be ready for action straightaway. 
  • To get the equipment ready for winter, clean it first. The air filter, the cylinder fins, the spark plug and the dismantled cutting tool should be checked and cleaned (also see Operating Manual). Metal parts should be just slightly lubricated with oil. In countries where this equipment is supplied with a spark arresting screen, this must be cleaned or else replaced with a new one.
  • The fuel tank should be emptied. Run the carburettor until dry (Warning! Do not operate throttle, run equipment in idle until the engine stops!)

For winter storage, a dry and, if possible, dust-free and frost-free place would be ideal. You can save space if you hang the equipment. And remember: the fuel mix deteriorates; to avoid malfunction, it should not be kept over a longer period.