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Starting - off we go!
The working area has been checked and secured
(see "Preparing the workplace"). Then you can start cutting. The safety instructions (including those in the User Manual) must be observed during each of the following steps.

Apply the chain brake
The chain brake must be applied before starting your chainsaw. Push the chain brake forwards for this purpose (see illustration).

Remove the scabbard
Always remove the scabbard before starting your chainsaw.

Press the decompression valve (if installed)
If your chainsaw has a decompression valve, it must now be pressed. This makes it easier to start the engine in your chainsaw.

Actuate the fuel pump (if installed)
If your chainsaw has a fuel pump, it must be actuated several times. This makes starting easier and reduces the number of pulls needed on the starter rope.

Set the slide control to Choke
Set the slide control to Choke / Cold start. First press the throttle trigger interlock and squeeze the throttle trigger, then push the slide control fully down.

Place the chainsaw on the ground
To start the chainsaw, it must be placed on a level surface. The bar and chain must not touch the ground, otherwise the chain would be blunted as it starts and you would expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Hold the chainsaw with both hands
Hold the chainsaw on the ground with both hands. Your left hand is on the front handle, your right hand on the starter rope. Put the tip of your right foot through the rear handle to stabilize the machine.

Pull the starter rope
Slowly pull the starter rope with your right hand until you encounter a resistance. Then briskly pull the starter rope several times until the engine briefly starts (pull straight upwards if possible, without the rope rubbing against the fan housing). Don't drop start! Engine briefly starts - set to half-throttle
The engine briefly starts, but immediately stops again. Open the choke by moving the slide control to the next position (half-throttle position).

Pull the starter rope again
Pull the starter rope again until the engine starts.

Blip the throttle trigger with your index finger
As soon as the engine has started and is running, blip the throttle trigger with your index finger. The slide control moves into the normal idle position.

Lift the chainsaw off the ground
Slowly lift the chainsaw off the ground, taking care not to touch the throttle trigger.

Deactivate the chain brake
Now release the chain brake by pulling the handle of the chain brake towards yourself with your left hand. Do not let go of the front handle with your left hand. When you hear a "click", the chain is free and can move on the guide bar.

Check chain lubrication
Before starting, check the chain lubrication. Hold the saw against a light background (e.g. tree stump or piece of paper on the ground) and squeeze the throttle fully. If a little oil appears against the light background, the chain lubrication is OK and you can start working.

Off you go
Your chainsaw is now ready. Refer to the User Manual for tips on safe working technique.

If you have any further queries, read your user manual and consult your dealer. They will be more than happy to help.
Operate your chainsaw safely even when cutting. Please read the important information contained in your user manual.

For advice and service, you can of course also consult your STIHL dealer.